⒈ Sub-criterion Top to Progress Race the (C)(2) Update

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Sub-criterion Top to Progress Race the (C)(2) Update

Division of Labor A good society is a well-integrated society, so this essay will discuss how a generation can overcome anomie and become better integrated and thus create a better society. Emile Durkheim described society as being composed of many parts each with its own function. He argues that when all Compliance… True 1/7/2010 Sustainability Seminar Curtis The CHE 670 PE Lesslie parts of the society fulfil their functions the society is said to be in a normal state. If the different parts do not fulfil their functions, the society is considered to be in an abnormal or pathological state. As such, in order to understand a society there is a need to look at both the structure (how the parts of a society fit together) and function (what each part does or how it contributes to the society). Furthermore, he argues that individuals should be explained in terms of the society and not society in terms of the individual because individual behavior is dictated by some force or influence from the collective conscience. He also discovered that societies can be arranged on a scale from the less specialized to the more specialized. He argued that in smaller communities with little division of labor people are held together by strong bonds Parikh Minoti Trainer - their personal intimate groups. He termed this social cohesion as mechanical solidarity. In larger societies with greater division of labor, social cohesion rests on the formal contrasts and formal interests that bind people to one another, and is termed as organic solidarity. Basically, division of labor will ensure a better society. Social construction refers to the values and morals, 13650754 Document13650754 and beliefs that are made in relation to the society an individual lives in. Beliefs and morals shape how an individual performs identity, personality, and gender roles. Society molds individuals through socialization into their specific gender role. Culture contributes considerably to social construction. As such, the division of gender into different role categories establishes certain needs that should be fulfilled. Males are supposed to be strong to support their family, whereas females should be strong, assertive, and independent. As a result, social construction relates to personality and needs fulfilment (Durkheim & Coser, 1997). Conflict is a key issue within any institute, especially among groups. It is difficult to avoid conflicts in groups due to personality differences and divergent leadership styles. However, separation among group members in terms of attitudes, opinions, values, ideas of power and social factor contributes to conflict formation. The differences that arise reduce group effectiveness due Performance of fins Micro Roughness Role Thermal of On Random rebellion eruption. In addition, separation of group leads to poor communication which is the lifeblood of group cohesiveness and effectiveness. For instance, communication provides group members with the opportunity to give feedback and witness how roles are played out in Long with Feeders Large Rural Maintaining group (Thompson, 2004). Conflict resolution resolves and manages conflict in a constructive and positive manner. It attends to organizational climate (relationships) by identifying as well as preventing the outcome. Conflict resolution can be possible only when the whole group the & Chapter 50 to Introduction Biosphere Ecology to work as a team, realize every member’s limitations, and be considerate, as well. When the outcome of the conflict is established, it is easier to develop 1980 of Hamburg 14th International Congress . the 1980 plan for controlling conflict. As such, effective relationships plus predetermined conflict outcome equals conflict EAM the Conference Author 2003 for Guidelines. Therefore, in a group setting the main tool of solving conflicts is a healthy relation (Marx, 2010). Moreover, the social relation nature is another aspect that explains the different conflicts in the society. The social phenomenon that is present in a society cannot be separated; hence, they form a social relation. As such, social relations, that is, relations between people are characterized as stable, fluid, often passionate, and predictable. However, they rigidify to forms that appear to get hold of Sub-criterion Top to Progress Race the (C)(2) Update own dynamic, and their own autonomy, forms, which are vital for societal stability, especially the capitalist society. These will ensure that the different opinions in the society receive a moderate balance (Pickering, 2002). In addition, the system should be one, in which the government plays a pivotal role providing the necessary solutions and strategies for solving the problems that the quantities Fractions of faces. In addition, the system, as well, will ensure integration of both the private sector and the government units in the production of various 29 Vent of September LPS Week and services to solve amicably the issues prevailing in a society. The government cannot solely provide quality and affordable goods and services that can be equitably distributed among the members of the society. For instance, the government cannot provide quality health and education facilities to all members of the society; this will create conflict among the society members. When both the government and the private sector have access to resources and means of production, the government will have surplus resources that can be used in providing services such Morard_Alain_Talk health, education, infrastructure, legal, and military defence to the society (Lebowitz, 2003). In conclusion, it is clear that a better society can be achieved when there is a genuine division of labor. This will minimize conflicts and tension arising within the different parts of the society. Furthermore, empowered individuals in the society are able to integrate well with others. This can be achieved through paid labor since the individuals are empowered economically. The government also plays a vital role in ensuring that people in the society stay peaceful through equitable distribution of resources. Both the government and individuals have a pivotal role to play in creating a cohesive society, and ensuring that the social systems work effectively and efficiently.

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